UQ student supports development in Cambodia

30 Oct 2013

University of Queensland School of Economics student Mr Calum Hendry recently visited Cambodia to help benchmark the development work of Non-Government Organisation’s (NGO).

UQ Economics assisted with sponsorship for Mr Hendry to participate in the development program called Our Generation’s Challenge, an initiative of the Oaktree Foundation. The program was a knowledge-gaining expedition, to learn about Cambodia’s development opportunites by meeting with NGO’s.

Mr Hendry said that the meetings helped create development benchmarks while improving the leadership skills of participants.

“Our main aim was to gain an understanding of how each NGO fitted into Cambodia’s development context,” he said.

“Our team would critically analyse how effective the NGO was at its work, as well as what methods it used and its philosophy towards how it went about approaching development work.

“The information we collected is then used by the Oaktree Foundation in Australia to benchmark its own development work in Cambodia.”

The Oaktree Foundation is one of Australia’s largest youth-run aid and development advocacy organisations. Oaktree has been recognised by the United Nations for its innovation and effectiveness in youth-lead poverty action.

Mr Hendry, who is completing his third year studies in economics, said that working with the Oaktree Foundation on this project would help to support educational opportunities and scholarships for youth in Cambodia.

“The trip challenged me personally, and by meeting with young people and their families I saw for myself how poverty really does create barriers to educational opportunities,” he said.

For more information on the Oaktree Foundation, visit http://theoaktree.org/.