Young leader visits Prague for the International Youth Leadership Conference

30 Oct 2013

In January 2013, 70 bright young leaders gathered in Prague for the 26th International Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC).

Among them was UQ student Ms Priyanka Luecke, who received a travel grant from the School of Economics to participate in the conference.

The main objective of the IYLC is to facilitate an exchange of ideas across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders.

Ms Luecke said the IYLC was a meeting ground for students from around the world to practice their leadership skills and debate on international relations and world politics.

“The conference provided me with an unparalleled learning experience, and never would I have thought that it would impact my life on more than a professional level,” said Ms Luecke.

The busy 5 day program included a United Nations Security Council emergency meeting simulation, a mock International Criminal Court pre-trial, and a model European Parliament proceeding.

The young leaders also visited Foreign Embassies and the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic; and participated in group debates and meetings with leading experts, diplomats, politicians and businessmen.

“We discussed the Syrian crisis of genocide and whether military action was necessary to end the crisis in Syria,” said Ms Luecke.

“I also participated in a student panel of delegates who each discussed international issues that meant a great deal to them.

“One delegate shared her experience fighting for a democratic country against the interim government in Cairo, Egypt. It was her story that made me realise the IYLC had changed my perspective on life forever.”

The International Youth Leadership Conference brings together youth from over 30 different nationalities to expose them to real world issues with the aim of strengthening relationships and cooperation between cultures.

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