Partnership paves the path to success for Peru’s future business leaders

4 May 2018

A longstanding partnership between The University of Queensland, Australia and Universidad de Lima, Peru is providing an exciting opportunity for globally-minded students to experience the best of both countries during their studies.

A strong student exchange program between the two universities, which began back in 2004, was extended in 2013 to allow undergraduate business and economics students to complete degrees from the two leading institutions, while extending their global networks, experiences and training.

UQ BEL Faculty Deputy Manager International Services Laura Hassett said UQ was proud to enjoy such an engaged and strategic partnership with Universidad de Lima, which is one of BEL’s six university partners in Latin America.

“UQ has enjoyed a long and successful bilateral relationship with Latin America dating back to the early 1980s.

“Over the years, we have been fortunate to welcome many high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students from Universidad de Lima who have contributed so much to our academic and local communities.

“Our friends at Universidad de Lima have worked tirelessly to continually promote the UQ experience to their students, and this world-class double-degree opportunity wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of Maria de las Mercedes Anderson, Director - International Business Program.”

Ms Hassett said scholarships had also played an important role in supporting students to take up this global study opportunity.

“One of the ways we are able to continue to attract and support exceptional Peruvian students to study in Queensland is through UQ’s Latin America Global Leaders Scholarships.

“These scholarships allow students to challenge themselves academically, and develop the skills they need to thrive and create positive change in a constantly changing and competitive global business environment.”

Since 2007, more than 1300 Latin American students have studied at UQ under a scholarship.

In their own words

Current UQ-Universidad de Lima Bachelor of Business Management students, each of whom have received a Latin America Global Leaders Scholarship, share stories of their UQ student experiences.

Patricio MajiaPatricio Mejia said he chose UQ because it is a world-class university that offers a diverse range of services to help students broaden their skills.

“The BEL support services and programs are excellent for helping us develop our employability skills.

“I am very proud to have received this scholarship at UQ; it encourages me to challenge myself and to become a better student.

“My UQ experience has been fantastic. This experience will help me to create change by applying all the knowledge that I am getting through classes.

“Brisbane is a fantastic city. What I like the most about the city is the weather. It makes me feel like at home but better, because it is not as humid as in Lima, Peru.”

Noelia Cabrera MunozNoelia Cabrera Munoz said she had always wanted to visit Australia and because Universidad de Lima had an agreement with UQ, it made coming to UQ much easier.

“The best part of my program has been putting into practice all the business theories we learn through tutorials and practicals. My program also offers a variety of activities, programs and events that let us increase our employability and career opportunities, and participate in real group projects with real organisations.

“What I like most about living in Brisbane is being able to meet nice and friendly people from many countries and being able to take the ferry every once in a while. After three months of being here, I can say I feel at home because I have friends I can count on and I can always find something that reminds me my culture from back home.

“This scholarship and its financial support allows me to focus entirely on my studies. It also allows me to meet former and actual recipients that can give advice about my studies.

“During my time at UQ, I decided to be an Associate Member at the International House, one of the 10 colleges at UQ, and it has been one the best decisions I have made. Being part of a college, club or program helps you make friends and adapt to uni life, especially when you are an international student.

Marcelo ParodiMarcelo Parodi said he enjoyed the freedom and independence of studying at UQ.

“Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. It has great cultural diversity and kind people. UQ is a top university with great infrastructure, excellent teachers and extracurricular programs that help you develop.

“The BEL Student Employability Team helped me with creating a CV and gave me tips and tricks for job interviews, and I really enjoyed participating in the Community Engagement Program, which teaches you to work as a team to help the community.

“UQ is a great place to study, meet great people and progress in your career and in life. If you have the chance to study here, go for it.”

Want to learn more or get involved?

For more information about the UQ BEL Faculty-Universidad de Lima partnership and current study opportunities, please contact Laura Hassett, Deputy Manager - International Services, BEL Faculty, UQ,; or Maria de las Mercedes Anderson, Director - International Business Program, Universidad de Lima,