UQ Sustainability Week: 5 minutes with UQ researchers

6 September 2018

In honour of UQ's sixth Sustainability Week, UQ Business School asked four of its experts to share their research and vision for a sustainable future.


Dr Belinda WadeDr Belinda Wade is a lecturer in strategy with a research focus that examines organisational adaption to sustainability issues. We spent five minutes with Belinda to find out about her current research and to see what a sustainable future looks like. 

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Andrew GriffithsProfessor Andrew Griffiths is the Executive Dean of the Business, Economics and Law Faculty. He is an internationally-recognised leader and pioneering scholar in organisations, business strategy and climate change and has managed strategic change, innovation and corporate sustainability for leading national and international organisations in the profit and not-for-profit sectors. We spent five minutes with Andrew to find out about his research and to see what he envisions for a sustainable future.

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Cristyn MeathCristyn Meath is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Australian Institute for Business and Economics (AIBE) and sessional lecturer at UQ Business School. We spent five minutes with Cristyn to find out about her current research in sustainability.

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Anna PhelanDr Anna Phelan is an ecological economist and research fellow. Her current research lies at the interface between ecological and behavioural economics and encompasses: sustainable livelihoods, ocean plastic pollution, sustainable tourism, and community-based enterprise development.

We spent 5 minutes with Anna to discuss her current work within CCRES and her upcoming work with the UQ Global Change Scholars Program.

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Source: UQ Business School News