First-of-a-kind study reveals the global socio-economic and environmental impacts of coronavirus

23 Jul 2020

Two researchers from The University of Queensland (UQ) have contributed to a world-first study that has quantified the global socio-economic and environmental impacts of COVID-19.

The study, led by the University of Sydney found that while greenhouse gases had a larger drop than any in human history, the loss of jobs and wages are experiencing the worse shock since “the Great Depression”.

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the global economy, and from the results, it’s clear that travel and tourism underpin such a large part of that,” said Dr Sun.

Tourism researcher Dr Ya-Yen Sun from UQ Business School and Associate Professor Steven Kenway from the Advanced Water Management Centre assisted in determining the impacts of coronavirus on international travel and the environment globally.

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Dr Ya-Yen Sun

Dr Ya-Yen Sun

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