Sustainable Infrastructure Design Course

5 May 2023

The involvement of the UQ SIRH in the development of the new course, CIVL4525, is a testament to the centre’s commitment to advancing sustainable infrastructure design. With a strong track record of research in this area and a range of industry partners, the UQ SIRH is well-positioned to provide valuable insights and industry examples for students.

Dr Jurij Karlovsek's leadership of the initiative is also noteworthy, given his expertise in sustainable infrastructure design and his experience working with industry partners. Dr Karlovsek's involvement will ensure that the course is grounded in practical, real-world examples and that students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of sustainable infrastructure design.

Overall, the involvement of the UQ SIRH and Dr Karlovsek in the development of CIVL4525 is an exciting development for students interested in sustainable infrastructure design. The course promises to provide a valuable learning experience and to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive impact in the field.

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