Closing the gender gap in cybersecurity

11 July 2023

As accidental and malicious cyber-breaches impact more companies across Australia, there’s a growing demand for cyber professionals and improved cyber capabilities.

This demand has only highlighted the gender disparity in the cybersecurity industry. While it’s widely recognised that women are underrepresented in cyber, what actions can we take to embrace the diversity of talent and resolve this ongoing problem?

Dr Ivano Bongiovanni and Megan Gale from The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School set out to investigate the lack of women working in cybersecurity in collaboration with fellow UQ Business School researcher Professor Tyler Okimoto, Chair and Director of UQ Cyber Professor Ryan Ko, and University of Strathclyde academic Dr Karen Renaud.

Through a series of interviews and workshops, their research uncovered barriers women face entering and remaining in the industry, as well as practical steps to promote greater diversity and narrow the gender gap.

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