A guide to building workplace trust in AI

11 July 2023

From chatbots and search engines to fraud detection and traffic navigation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ingrained in most industries and organisations.

While global dependency on this new technology is ballooning, humans are still suspicious of AI, particularly in the workplace. The question is – how can organisations build trust in their use of AI at work and encourage employees to buy in?

Findings from Trust in Artificial Intelligence: A global study, a world-first research partnership between The University of Queensland (UQ) and KPMG Australia, may hold the key.

Led by The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School’s KPMG Chair in Organisational Trust Professor Nicole Gillespie, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Steve LockeyDr Caitlin Curtis and Dr Javad Pool, the study found only 40% of Australians trust AI in the workplace.

Among workers’ chief concerns were losing jobs to automation, dehumanising decision-making, and murky regulation.

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