BEL Global Mates

Explore the world by making global friends first

Global Mates is an exciting opportunity for new international students to experience Australian culture and meet new friends. The interactive program offers peer-based mentoring through social activities and regular catch-ups. The program is open to new international students studying in their first semester of a business, economics or law program at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level. 

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Global Mates meet and greet event


“I would firstly recommend eligible students to become a mentor to help new students in adapting to University life. Secondly, to new students to join as mentees. Great events to make new friends and meet like-minded people.”



Global Mates meet and greet event


International Students (Mentees)

Who can be a mentee?

If you're an international student and enrolled in your first semester of a business, economics or law program at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level, then you're eligible to apply. 

Benefits for mentees:

  • A smoother transition into your university life
  • Form new friends
  • Fun activities around the UQ campus
  • Explore what Brisbane has to offer
  • Experience Australian culture and share your own

International students at BELfest 2020

"It helps international students become more comfortable with the Australian culture and it is a great opportunity to meet lots of new people."

What's expected of mentees:

  • A willingness to meet other students and participate in organised activities
  • Committing to meeting up with your mentor regularly

What mentees say about Global Mates:

“I am a mentee in UQ Global Mates. Through this program, I met amazing fellows who shared their thoughts and experiences that enriched my knowledge, which I take it as precious memory and I want to continue creating more of it.”

Global Mates game night

“I enjoyed all the activities that were held by Global Mates and I hope to be a mentor next semester and know more friends!”

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Help make the experience of international students fun and memorable as they settle into university life at UQ. 

Who can be a mentor?

If you are a business, economics or law undergraduate student with more than 12 units (or 12 months) completed, or a postgraduate student with more than 8 units (or 6 months) completed in your program, with a GPA of at least 4.5, you are eligible to apply. 

Benefits for mentors:

  • Having fun with other students in business, economics and law
  • Making new friends and exchanging cultures with students from other countries
  • Developing interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  • Passing on the knowledge you’ve gained from your university experience into tips and guidance for new students
  • Receive recognition towards the UQ Employability Award

Global Mates meet and greet

"The program has a lot to offer in regards to making friends from different cultures and is also a great way to give back to UQ."

What’s expected of mentors? 

  • Attendance at activities with your mentees
  • Regular catch-ups with your mentees to talk, make sure they’re settling in, and providing assistance or a friendly ear 
  • A willingness to share your time doing unofficial activities with your mentees, this could be eating out or visiting local sights in Brisbane or surrounding areas
  • Patience, as your mentee may still be learning about the English language and their new life in Australia 

Global Mates food exchange and game night

"Global Mates has been a wonderful group to be a part of throughout the semester and I cannot recommend it enough to my friends who are eligible to become mentors. By pairing mentors and mentees on similar interests, it made for easy conversation and relevant advice sharing. My favourite part of the program is the organised events. By having allocated meet up times and locations, we were able to develop friendships not only with our allocated mentee, but with all members of the program."

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