Student Work Experience Program

Are you a BEL student with little or no relevant industry work experience, eager to gain knowledge and experience in a recruitment process?

If so, the Student Work Experience Program (SWEP) could be for you!

SWEP is a free program designed to provide you with the opportunity to participate in a competitive recruitment and selection process, similar to those used by many organisations. The valuable knowledge, experience and feedback you gain will give you a real advantage when entering the job market as an intern or graduate candidate. SWEP is aimed to provide you with a helping hand to gain your first professional experience that you can include on your CV.

All students who participate will learn:

  • What to expect from a recruitment process
  • What behaviours and 21st century skills employers are looking for
  • How to stand out from other candidates to impress recruiters and hiring managers
  • How to articulate and present yourself within a recruitment process
  • How to reflect and act on constructive feedback to improve for future recruitment processes.

Students who successfully pass the SWEP process will also beconsidered for an unpaid work experience placement.

Please note, not all successful students will secure a placement. The number of placements in the Brisbane area is limited and subject to business requirements. Students who sore the highest in the SWEP processes from each degree program will be offered a placement first, with remaining students considered, should further suitable opportunities be identified. Please be reassured that the BEL Careers Team will endeavour to identify multiple opportunities, in order to offer as many placements as possible. 

How to participate

  1. Read about SWEP to decide if this is the right experience for you and ensure you are fully prepared.
  2. Register for and attend an information session which will outline the participation requirements and process, and answer any further questions
  3. Submit an application via StudentHub
  4. Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with feedback and offered a second chance to apply, provided there is time before the deadline
  5. Successful applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of SWEP processes including a video interview, psychometric testing, completing a free virtual internship (experience that you can immediately add to your resume) and communicating the value of this experience to a potential employer.
  6. Following the SWEP processes, attend a debrief session where you will receive group feedback to help you improve your performance in future recruitment processes
  7. Receive feedback on your individual performance during the recruitment process
  8. If successful, be considered for an unpaid work experience placement during the winter or summer semester break.

    What students say

    Recent SWEP participants talk about their experience. 

    Participating in SWEP was both enjoyable and rewarding.  As someone with very little experience in applying for jobs, it has helped me feel more oriented and confident about my future career path.  Regardless of the final outocme and whether I am successful, I have found it highly beneficial to step through the recruitment process wit SWEO, all while receiving useful feedback. I thing this program is an excellent way to kick off industry work experience and would strongly recommend it to other students. -  Jianing Wang, Bachelor of Laws (Hons)