VMock Smart Resume

A 24/7 online platform to help you sharpen the look and content of your resume

VMock Smart Resume

A 24/7 online platform to help you sharpen the look and content of your resume

VMock Smart Resume is an AI-powered online tool that provides instant and personalised feedback on your resume. You can access the platform from anywhere at any time to get immediate tailored advice on how to improve your resume or choose from curated templates to make your resume stand out.

How to sign up

The VMock Smart Resume platform is free to use for BEL students. You will not have to provide any payment details. Simply follow the below link and create an account using your UQ student email address. (Note that you must use your email in the s4xxxxxxx@student.uq.edu.au format).

Sign in to your VMock account and upload your resume in PDF format.

Sign up to BEL Faculty VMock

Useful tips to get started 

VMock will provide an overall score as well as detailed feedback in three categories:

  • Impact measures the strength of your descriptions and the impression they leave on employers. Are you providing specific descriptions and using action verbs? Have you included the outcomes and impacts of your actions? The best way to improve your score in this area is to use strong action verbs at the beginning of each bullet point and to specify the outcomes and impacts of those actions.
  • Presentation examines how consistently your resume is formatted and how good it looks visually. Have you switched between fonts, are your bullets misaligned, is the spacing irregular or are there other formatting inconsistencies? You can often see a significant increase in your score by making small formatting changes. Keep your layout simple and easy to navigate, avoid overly preformatted templates and make sure your overall resume style is consistent.
  • Competencies are the key transferable skills that employers look for in prospective interns or employees, such as communication skills, leadership and ability to show initiative, as well as strong analytical or problem-solving skills. These are skills you may have gained through coursework, student activities, work and internships, research, volunteering or study abroad. Make sure you demonstrate these competencies throughout your resume.

The overall resume score will be out of 100. Don’t be disheartened if your first score is low. Building a strong resume often takes some effort. Make use of the detailed feedback provided by VMock and edit your resume in response to its suggestions.

The goal is to move your resume into the ‘green zone’ – a score of 80 or above. You may either edit your resume on your computer and re-upload it or switch to one of the templates provided in VMock’s Smart Editor function. You can submit your resume a total of 10 times, so please use these uploads wisely.

To get a more detailed understanding of the platform, download our student user guide.

student with ear buds listening, smiling and looking at laptopVMock uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to learn and constantly improve. The platform has been trained against specific parameters developed by the BEL Careers and Employability team. It is recommended that you work through our Crafting a resume online module to ensure your resume meets contemporary formatting and content requirements.


Improving your score

VMock provides instant feedback – but you still have to invest a little bit of time to consider this feedback and edit your resume accordingly. Be prepared to spend maybe two to three hours on your resume to achieve a significant improvement in your score and get into the ‘green zone’.

Once you have achieved a green score and you would like additional tailored advice, e.g., on how to further tailor your resume to a specific opportunity you want to apply to, you are welcome to book a Career Consult