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Welcome to students commencing Semester 1, 2024

Download the slides as a pdf (PDF, 8.3 MB)

It is essential to plan your program of study so that prerequisite courses are completed prior to enrolment in advanced courses.

This program plan will assist you to see in which year and semester of your program you should enrol in particular courses.

We strongly recommend you follow this plan to ensure you have the best chance of completing your degree with minimal complications.

Program plan
11 January 2024 10:56am

This Progression Check Sheet acts as a guide to the courses required for you to meet the requirements of your program. Use the sheet to tick off the courses you have successfully passed whilst enrolled in your program (including credit from previous UQ study or through a credit transfer from another institution). 

This sheet is to be used as a self-check guide, and you are responsible for ensuring that you have complied with the rules relating to your program and have completed sufficient units to meet graduation requirements. Program planning advice is not binding on the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law or The University of Queensland.

After printing your Progression Check Sheet please follow the instructions on how to complete your progression check. 

Your progression check sheet is dated to indicate the year of your program commencement.

If you commenced your program prior to the dates specified, please contact us for assistance.

Progression check
5 December 2022 2:48pm
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A revised program structure for the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours) (BPPE(Hons)) program will be in place for students commencing in 2023 as a result of a program review.

What does this mean for you?

As a current student, you should continue to follow the BPPE(Hons) program rules/requirements that were in place prior to 2023 (i.e. the rules/requirements from the year you commenced in the program or the 2019 rules/requirements if you are a 2017/2018 student who transitioned to the 2019 rules/requirements).


As part of the teachout and transition arrangements, PPES4101, PPES4201 and PPES4202 will be offered for the last time in 2025. You must plan to enrol in these courses by 2025 at the latest.

What you need to do

We recommend you complete a progression check to determine your remaining courses. When completing the check, please remember to refer to the program rules/requirements and course list for the appropriate year (i.e. the year you commenced in the BPPE(Hons) or from 2019 if you are a 2017/2018 student who transitioned to the 2019 rules/requirements) on the Programs and Courses website.

To view the appropriate year on Programs and Courses, select the relevant year from the drop down box next to ‘show information for’ in the top right hand corner of the page and click ‘change’.


It is possible for you to transfer to the 2023 program and requirements to complete your study, however, if you are intending to graduate in 2023, 2024 or 2025, you must remain under your current (pre-2023) requirements as PPES4100 Politics, Philosophy, Economics 4: Toward Social and Economic Reform (a compulsory course under the new 2023 program requirements) will not be offered for the first time until 2026. 

The main changes for students commencing from 2023 are:

  • a decrease in core courses from 38 units to 30 units;
  • an increase in the size of majors from 12 units to 16 units to comply with a change in University policy standardising the size of majors;
  • a requirement to complete at least 24 units of level 3 courses;
  • removal of PPES4201 Team Project and PPES4202 Thesis; and
  • the introduction of PPES4100, a new 6 unit course designed to enable students (collaboratively and individually) to integrate their knowledge and skills acquired throughout the BPPE(Hons) program to investigate and address a significant source of social and economic inequality in the Australian context.

If you are interested in transferring to the 2023 program and requirements – understanding that you will not be able to graduate until 2026 at the earliest, we strongly advise you to complete a progression check for each version of the program requirements and email for advice. 

Please be aware that if you are a Commonwealth Supported student changing program, under the Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package, you'll be considered a commencing student and your fees may be higher. See the unit of study schedules for more information.

If you decide you would like to change to the 2023 program and requirements, you must submit a program change request on mySI-net by 10 February 2023 (program change requests will open 1 December 2022).

Please note: if you change to the 2023 program and requirements, course credit will only be given where it fits within the new requirements.


Please rest assured we are committed to assisting you to progress through and successfully complete your program.

If you need further information or advice about these changes, please contact the BEL Student Administration Team at

Why has UQ made these changes?

For a number of years now, UQ has been reimagining the learning experience it delivers for you, our students. We recognise that Universities must ensure they develop enterprising graduates with the knowledge, skills and networks to build meaningful and impactful careers that can be sustained and adapted over the course of a lifetime. With this in mind, the University embarked on an ambitious review of every course, major and degree program on offer at UQ to make sure that we were delivering the best possible outcomes for you as you embark on navigating your career.


Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries.

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