Hind Mrabet

I was really inspired by the course - I am now even considering doing a master’s in human resources!

How was your Queensland in July course? 

I study Business Studies and have a strong interest in Human Resources, so the course was very relevant to my interests. More than that, it also taught me life lessons on how to interact with people from different countries and how to work in a cosmopolitan environment. I was really inspired by the course - I am even considering a master’s in human resources! The QiJ program was a very enriching experience for me.

I had thought about studying Human Resources before but I wasn’t really sure what it involved. This course was really interesting because of its global focus, it was more than just a classic Human Resources course. The lecturer was also amazing, she taught in depth and was committed to ensuring we understood the concepts.

How do you feel about Brisbane as a city?

I loved it. I live in London which can get overwhelming at times so Brisbane was a nice change. I think Brisbane encompasses the best of both worlds: it has a bustling CBD as well as lush open spaces (like the UQ campus!). It is a very welcoming city, it makes you feel at home in a way.

Would you recommend your Queensland in July course? 

Absolutely -I think everyone could benefit from this course. I think the most important thing I learned was how to be more welcoming and considerate to people from different cultures. This is a very valuable lesson as in life we are bound to meet people who share different values and cultures from our own.

Queensland in July was more than just an academic course, it was a real human experience.


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Hind Mrabet


Queensland in July participant (Global Talent Management)