Research Hub

Industry Fellow Program

Applications are invited from individuals and organisations wishing to collaborate with the Sustainable Infrastructure Research Hub at The University of Queensland. 

Support may include the following:

  • Co-funding for research (in-kind support from the SIRH and other UQ staff)
  • Co-location of staff with the SIRH group
  • Access to UQ equipment
  • Funding for experiments and other research related expenses
  • Support for presentation of collaborative research outcomes at conferences
  • Individuals applying may also be eligible for short term contracts with SIRH to undertake their proposed research program

If the support you are seeking is not featured above please contact the team at to discuss your project and desired support for collaboration.


 Applications should propose achievable research outcomes aligning with SIRH research themes and values:

Research themes

  • Transition to a decarbonised and circular economy
  • Digitalisation for a sustainable infrastructure future
  • Resilient infrastructure for life in the Anthropocene.

Approach to research and activities

  • Applied problem-based
  • Co-designed/collaborative
  • Multi/trans-disciplinary.

Outcomes sought

  • Research excellence
  • Industry-wide impact and translation
  • Scalability of research outcomes
  • Ecological, social and economic/financial sustainability.

Research proposals may also relate to the Infrastructure CoLab. Co-funding for projects including in-kind support from companies is encouraged. Outputs from the research should be specified, such as a journal paper, industry report or a research grant application. Industry Fellows will present their research at a seminar to the SIRH research group and/or government and industry networks.

Eligibility and approval process

  • Applicants must not currently be a tenured academic
  • Applications can be received and awarded at any time during the year
  • Approval for funding is determined by the Directors and SIRH Steering Committee and / or technical committee.

How to apply

  • A research proposal and explanation of why you would like to collaborate with SIRH
  • Support sought from SIRH
  • Letters of support including cash or in-kind contributions
  • A curriculum vitae.

Applications should be sent to Dr Cristyn Meath at