Google gives BEL Faculty students the keys to its Digital Garage

26 Apr 2017

UQ Business School students were treated to an intimate insight of the inner-sanctum of Google when a group of the search engine giant’s executive team delivered an exclusive lecture earlier this month.

Google’s presentation to The University of Queensland business students was one of just two the executives delivered during their visit to the state.

Commissioned by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law’s award-winning Student Employability Team, the presentation highlighted internship and graduate opportunities within Google’s business and non-technical teams.

Students were given inside knowledge on vital aspects of their job application processes including preparation of resumes, interview tips and how to increase their levels of “Googleyness”.

For the ill-informed and those not in attendance, Googleyness is a trait defined by phrases such as “not just being cool, but really-really cool”, “being out of the norm”, “being an out-of-the-box thinker”, “being phenomenal, amazing, innovative, and disruptive” and, of course “being a status quo challenger”.

The attendees also gained valuable insights into the potential profitability of creating a mobile-friendly business from the ground up.

Statistics such as the fact that 82 per cent of smart phone users use a search engine first when looking for a local business or how search engines were now the undisputed method of locating local business phone numbers permeated the presentation.

Additionally, 90 per cent of Google customers now expect to be able to call a business directly from a search, further highlighting the power of businesses creating and nurturing prominent online profiles.

Google also unveiled one of its latest on-line learning tools – its new Digital Garage which creates and designs online lessons tailored for individuals’ needs and desires.