Research partnerships drive positive change

14 October 2019

Person holding a light bulb in their handInspiring tales of collaboration between researchers from UQ’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) and their non-profit and community partners are the focus of the 2019 BEL Research Profile.

The online and print publication contains 13 research impact stories illustrating how BEL researchers and their partners are working together to tackle complex challenges and shape our world for the better.

It also showcases the quality and diversity of research across the Faculty’s three Schools (UQ Business School, School of Economics, School of Law), the Australian Institute for Business and Economics (AIBE) and the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH).

Featured stories cover a range of research topics, including finding solutions for income inequality in Australia, building sustainability in the performing arts, exploring how to make artificial meat viable for mass consumption and mitigating the impact of criminal law on the homeless.

BEL Faculty Associate Dean (Research) Professor Brent Ritchie said the publication highlighted the essential role of collaboration in creating change in the local and global community.

“Research needs to generate knowledge and insights to enable industry, government and community-based organisations to improve society,” Professor Ritchie said.

“Working together, we can make even more of a difference to the world in which we live.”

Read more about our meaningful and impactful research in the BEL Research Profile.

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