Publications with important recommendations for tunnelling industry

27 April 2023

Two publications, "Recommendations for the Application of ISO 19650 - Information Management Process and Responsibility Matrix - Vol 1" and "BIM in Tunnelling - Guideline for Bored Tunnels - Vol 1", were published at the World Tunnelling Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark. These publications provide important recommendations and guidance for professionals in the tunnelling industry, with a focus on the digital transition towards a more sustainable future.

Dr Jurij Karlovsek played a key role as the chief editor and co-author of these publications, which highlight the adoption of digital technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital twin technology. The tunnelling industry is increasingly adopting these digital tools and techniques to improve collaboration, communication, and information sharing between stakeholders, leading to improved efficiency, safety, and sustainability of tunnelling projects.

In addition, the use of BIM and other digital tools can facilitate the management and maintenance of tunnels throughout their operational life, reducing lifecycle costs and improving longevity. The publication of these two documents at the World Tunnelling Congress in Copenhagen underscores the importance of digitalisation in the tunnelling industry and provides valuable guidance for professionals seeking to embrace these technologies in their work.

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