Did you know students can get support and assistance for a variety of issues?

It’s okay to ask for help. We have a wide range of dedicated teams on the ground that are available to help you navigate whatever life changes or challenges you may be facing. Choose the support service that best suits you.

For urgent support and counselling please call the UQ Counselling and Crisis line at any time on 1300 851 998.

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BEL student studies

BEL Student Experience Team - for undergraduate students.

336 57111

Economics postgraduate drop-in sessions - consultations available with dedicated administration officers.
Employability support

BEL Student Employability Team. Assists with employability, holds workshops and events for a range of topics.

336 54222

SAS (Student Advocacy and Support). Provides advice on job preparation. 334 63400
Welfare support UQ Student Services. Advisors are available to provide specific support. 3346 51704
Legal support SAS (Student Advocacy and Support).  Appointments to provide assistance and advice 334 63400
International student support

UQ International Student Services. Academic support, adapting to life in Australia, connecting with people.

336 51704
SAS (Student Advocacy and Support). Assistance with migration and visa issues. 334 63400
Accommodation and rental advice

UQ Student Services. Information and resources. Book an appointment for assistance and advice.

336 51704

SAS (Student Advocacy and Support). Legal advice for tenancy agreements. 334 63400
Physical and mental disability support UQ Student Services. Information and resources. Book an appointment for assistance and advice. 336 51704
Student counselling

UQ Student Services. Appointments with counsellors, self-help resources and Crisis support.

336 51704

24-hour crisis line 1300 851 998
Student wellbeing

Uniwellbeing. 5-week online course with access to counsellors.

Mindfulness. Free ongoing mindfulness sessions and yoga classes.
Freedom from your cage. Breaking free from behaviours, beliefs and ideas that keep you stuck in your body image cage.
Art Therapy Sessions. Explore the use of art as therapy.
Sexual misconduct UQ Respect. Reporting, support and resources. 24/7 counselling support available. 1800 737 732
Starting at UQ and networking

New2UQ. Information, guides and other resources.

336 51704
BEL Orientation events. A variety of welcome events and advising sessions.

336 57111

International student welcome events. Organised welcome events across UQ on a variety of topics. 336 52600
UQ Mates. UQ social network to help connect students. 336 51283