Career Pathways

Excited to learn more about the amazing career opportunities that await you? Hear young professionals talk about everyday working life and gain insider knowledge that will help you decide which career is right for you.

This series of workshops is designed to introduce early year BEL students to a broad range of career options. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from recent graduates (1 to 5 years post-graduation) from a variety of backgrounds and roles in an informal setting. You will also have the chance to interact with each of the professionals at the event and obtain an understanding of what their role entails, including their transition from university to full-time employment. Each session will consist of 5 to 6 professionals from a variety of organisations.

By actively participating in this program, you will:

  • hear first-hand about new and exciting roles and broaden your career options
  • discover key skills that help you transition from student to employee
  • learn what attributes will help you achieve your career goals and aspirations
  • build your network of young inspiring UQ alumni.