Before you begin please download and print the study plan form from Global Experiences.

Download study plan form

4. Select appropriate courses

Select appropriate courses and complete the details on your study plan.

Your study plan should include:

  • The titles of the courses you wish to take at your host institution (including the course code if available).
  • The credit value of the courses (in credits, ECTS, hours, etc.).
  • The title and course code of the equivalent UQ course. You will need to specify whether the course is an elective (introductory or advanced/specified or unspecified) or a course which will be credited towards your major(s)

Make sure that you have selected enough courses to make up more than a full time load of study at your host university. It is recommended that students provide roughly double the required full-time study load of courses for approval.

While the number of courses you need to take will vary from university to university, you will also need to study courses equivalent to a standard full-time load at UQ (8 units a semester). To find the equivalent full-time load, visit theĀ Global Experiences page for your host university.