Game changing graduates

Students want to leave university with not only a degree but also the skills to successfully make their way in the world.

BEL is committed to equipping you with these skills and capabilities so that you can be effective in whatever careers you choose. We support your employability journey by offering a wide range of experiences to engage with industry learning; in doing so, we teach you how to identify and leverage the skills and attributes you have gained within and beyond the classroom, and frame these in a way that your future employers can make sense of. We want our graduates to use their intellectual assets to gain work, build meaningful careers and, importantly, turn ideas into big impacts. 

And here’s how….

Our graduates are innovators

BEL leads the way in generating a pipeline of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs through the well-connected UQ Business School Entrepreneurship Program. This program offers a holistic entrepreneurial education, going beyond the start-up phase so that students can better understand the entrepreneurial processes of scale and growth. To begin your entrepreneurship, innovation and advocacy journey, access UQ’s free Create Change: Masterclass. 

BEL goes global

We know that global opportunities to extend your knowledge and experiences is important to you. Through BEL, you have access to a range of global extension experiences involving studying, working or volunteering in cross/multi-cultural settings. 

Research-fused teaching

We believe in evidence-based teaching. We do so by infusing our cutting-edge, Industry engaged research into the curriculum to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, employability skills and graduate capabilities. As part of our teaching practice, we create assessment items that replicate tasks relevant to industry; in doing so, students are engaged in authentic experiences that extend their learnings and help them become workplace ready before they graduate.