Students are strongly advised to retain their General Electives or courses towards a major/s to undertake on exchange. These courses are often the easiest to gain approval for by the BEL Faculty and will provide the most flexibility when it comes time to enrol in courses at the host university. Flexibility in program requirements and course selection are essential to a successful exchange.

While many BEL degree programs may be accredited by an official industry accreditation body in Australia, completion of the degree and completion of courses on exchange may not directly result in graduates receiving accreditation. Students should avoid undertaking compulsory/core courses and courses required for professional accreditation purposes whilst on exchange, as this may have implications for accreditation later on. This is particularly relevant to Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Major students. Students are advised to contact the relevant registration body for details of any conditions for accreditation.

Please review specific program specific considerations below.

Laws students

Exchange for law students

The Faculty of Business, Economics & Law will permit UQ Law students (single or dual programs) to go on exchange provided they have completed a certain number of LAWS courses at UQ prior to going on exchange.  This is to ensure students have the requisite knowledge to successfully undertake courses at overseas institutions. If students have not followed a recommended study plan, they will be responsible for working out course sequencing when they return from exchange, with the understanding that their graduation date may be affected.  

Pre-2017 students

Students who commenced the LLB program (single or dual programs) prior to 2017 are required to complete a minimum of #30 of LAWS courses at UQ prior to going on exchange.

2017 onwards

Students who commence the LLB (Hons) program (single or dual programs) in 2017 and beyond are required to complete the following #24 of LAWS courses at UQ prior to going on exchange:

  • LAWS1700 Foundations of Law
  • LAWS1701 Law of Contract I
  • LAWS1702 Law of Contract II
  • LAWS1703 Principles of Public Law
  • LAWS2700 Criminal Law: Principles, Offences & Defences
  • LAWS2701 Criminal Law: Process & Procedure
  • LAWS2702 Law of Torts I
  • LAWS2703 Law of Torts II
  • LAWS2704 Trusts & Equity I
  • LAWS2705 Trusts & Equity II
  • LAWS2706 Foundations of Property Law
  • LAWS2707 Interests in Property

With the exception of LAWS4111 Jurisprudence/LAWS3704 Jurisprudence, undergraduate law students (single or dual programs) will not be permitted to undertake courses from Part A of the LLB Course List whilst on exchange.

International Laws students

A Bachelor of Laws degree from UQ is internationally recognised. If you are a student from Singapore or Malaysia you may use the four year LLB to directly fulfil the academic qualifications required for admission to the legal profession in your home country. Unfortunately, International students from Singapore or Malaysia undertaking a Bachelor of Laws degree may not be permitted to participate in the UQ Abroad Program due to the regulations set by the Board of Legal Education in their home country. International students should always refer to the relevant professional body in their home country for advice.

Undergraduate Law students will not be permitted to undertake Part A LLB courses on exchange. The only exception to this rule is LAWS4111 Seminars in Jurisprudence.


For further information, visit the Singapore Ministry of Law website.


Legal Profession Qualifying Board –

The Malaysian Bar -



Postgraduate students

Not all partner universities will accept coursework Master’s students. Master’s students considering going on exchange must discuss this option with a UQ Abroad Advisor and their Faculty/School.

Due to curriculum restrictions, there are a number of programs at UQ that are not suitable for participation in the student exchange program.

If you are enrolled in the following programs, you are not eligible to apply for an exchange through UQ Abroad:

  • Graduate Certificate - any program
  • Graduate Diploma - any program

MBA eligibility variations:

  • Students in the MBA program are not required to be enrolled in the semester of application (to UQ Abroad).
  • MBA students are required to have completed or about to complete a minimum of 4 units  at the end of the semester of application.