You should retain your general electives or elective courses towards a major/s to undertake on exchange. These courses are often the easiest to gain approval for by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) and provide the most flexibility when enrolling at the host university. Flexibility in program requirements and course selection are essential to a successful exchange.

If you intend to undertake Short-term Global (Virtual and Global [in-person]) Experiences for credit transfer, apply via Internships and Global Experiences (IGET) in advance of the deadlines. Only students who have been pre-approved by IGET and the BEL Faculty, will be guaranteed for credit transfer, once the experience has been successfully completed and an official/certified final transcript for the experience has been received by the University.

You will not be permitted to apply for credit transfer retrospectively for Short-term Global Experiences. If you were not pre-approved in advance by IGET and the BEL Faculty, credit transfer will not be granted, regardless of whether courses are listed in the Credit Precedent Database as approved or other pre-approved students have been granted credit transfers for the same course.

While many BEL degree programs may be accredited by an official industry accreditation body in Australia, completing the degree and courses on exchange may not directly result in accreditation. You should avoid undertaking compulsory/core courses and courses required for professional accreditation purposes whilst on exchange, as this may have implications for accreditation later on. This is particularly relevant to Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Business (honours) Accounting major students. Contact the relevant registration body for details of any conditions for accreditation.

Please review program specific considerations below.