Alumni Ambassadors are appointed to an exclusive community of approximately 70 alumni from the Schools of Business, Economics and Law. They are selected to represent the interests of over 67,000 alumni across the world to build strong connections between alumni and to advance the mission of the Faculty and UQ.

Ambassadors work with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at a strategic level through the Advancement team and are responsible for leading the charge in driving alumni and industry support for the Faculty and its students. In turn, we have developed an engagement program which provides authentic value to alumni, helping them to succeed both personally and professionally.

Group of ambassadors
Business, Economics and Law Leadership Conference for Ambassadors, 2017


Key goals

  • Increase strategic engagement with alumni and industry
  • Enhance the global reputation of UQ and the schools of Business, Economics and Law
  • Develop affinity among current students
  • Directly support or advocate for our philanthropic goals
  • Increase active alumni participation
  • Advance the mission of the Faculty and Schools

Time commitment

Ambassadors dedicate an average of two to three hours per month, as follows:

  • Attend a minimum of two council meetings per year, in person or via teleconference
  • Endeavour to attend all alumni events held in your location as far as reasonably possible
  • Actively work on designated projects as directed by the Chair to support key goals
  • Attend the annual Business, Economics and Law Leadership Conference for Ambassadors when held in your regional area.

Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Alumni Ambassador Councils are expected to take part in and contribute to the development of succession plans for their group. In order to maintain a running list of prospective members, Ambassadors are encouraged to identify alumni for consideration so that places can be filled in a timely manner when vacancies arise.

Duties and responsibilities

Note: Ambassadors are requested to read through the lists below and consider which would best suit your time, interests and expertise.

Increase strategic engagement with alumni and industry

  • Identify high-profile guest speakers and assist with facilitating introductions
  • Identify existing opportunities and events where Ambassadors could host a group of alumni
  • Act as co-host – together with the Executive Dean or school Head/Dean – at a Business, Economics and Law alumni event, e.g. cohort events such as the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) receptions, arts or sporting events; this involves a speaking role, generally either the welcome or closing remarks
  • Through your organisation, sponsor or secure sponsorship for an event
  • Facilitate CEO/senior management roundtable discussions with academic and/or students and/or alumni
  • Promote engagement opportunities to alumni and industry, e.g. mentoring program, campus visits, participation at events
  • Identify “lost” alumni within your organisation and reconnect them through passing on contact details or sending an email introduction to Anthea/Claire/Ted in the advancement team.

Enhance the global reputation of UQ and the schools of Business, Economics and Law

  • Comment on and/or share with your networks newsworthy stories posted by UQ on social media
  • Include your UQ qualifications in your bio, on LinkedIn, on your business cards etc.
  • Provide testimonials for publications such as prospectus guides, annual reports and the UQ and Business, Economics and Law websites
  • Assist with the short-listing and nomination of Business, Economics and Law alumni for the annual UQ Alumni Awards
  • Identify compelling alumni success stories
  • Help open doors to media outlets or communication channels to allow success stories to be told to a wider or niche audience, e.g. profile an alumnus in an industry publication.

Develop affinity among current and incoming students

  • Attend or host events for incoming and current students, e.g. Singapore Homecoming Reception, UQ pre-departure events for commencing students in your local area
  • Give a presentation to students on-campus – please let us know if you’re visiting Brisbane!
  • Participate in student boardroom discussions to provide industry and career advice
  • Participate in one of the Student Employability programs for current students.

Directly support or advocate for our philanthropic goals

  • Consider an annual participation gift in support of any Business, Economics and Law fund. A goal for the Alumni Ambassador Councils is 100% philanthropic participation
  • Establish or contribute to an Alumni award or prize, e.g. The London Alumni Ambassador Council Tutor Award; UQ Singapore Alumni Excellence Prize
  • Facilitate introductions between prospective major donors and Business, Economics and Law
  • Familiarise yourself with the philanthropic goals and key funds of the Not If, When campaign and promote a culture of philanthropy.

Note: Ambassadors are not expected to approach alumni or other individuals for the purpose of asking for a gift, but rather to be aware of our fundraising goals and pass on any queries to the Advancement team to follow up.

Increase active alumni participation

  • Active outreach to lost alumni
  • Promote UQ and Business, Economics and Law alumni events through your networks; the peer-to-peer approach is the most successful!
  • Connect with new graduates in your local area and encourage them to attend events
  • Encourage alumni to update their details if they have recently moved to/from your area.

Advance the mission of the Faculty and Schools

  • Familiarise yourself with the priorities of the Faculty and schools of Business, Economics and Law by reading these messages from our leadership team and through the updates they provide at Alumni Ambassador Council meetings and alumni events
  • Provide advice on aspects such as strategic objectives and programming

The alumni community at UQ

Any person who has graduated from UQ (undergraduate, postgraduate or honorary doctorate) or who has completed a semester as an Incoming Study Exchange or Study Abroad student is considered an alumnus of the University and, as such, is automatically recorded on the University’s alumni database upon graduation. Alumni status is therefore automatic and there is no alumni association to join, forms to complete or dues to pay.  Figures are as at end Semester 2, 2018.

UQ alumni

Queensland 117,961
Other Australian states 19,298
Overseas 54,555
Unknown 87,889
Total 279,703

Where in the world are UQ alumni?

P R China 9,626
USA 9,144
Singapore 5,740
Malaysia 3,879
United Kingdom 2,228
Hong Kong 2,139
Canada 1,916
Indonesia 1,822
Germany 1,516
Japan 1,121

BEL alumni

Queensland 26,911
Other Australian States 4,123
Overseas 20,602
Unknown 21,092
Total 72,728

Where in the world are BEL alumni?

P R China 6,604
Singapore 2,103
Malaysia 1,679
USA 1,284
Hong Kong 955
Germany 730
United Kingdom 545
Taiwan ROC 530
Indonesia 527
Other 4,945