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Partner with one of the world’s top economics departments as we seek to understand and teach human behaviour and its impact on all areas of society.  

Economics is at the heart of how we as a society operate. It is the key to unlocking how the world works, from the consumption of goods and services, to changes in employment rates and living standards. We strive to empower our students to be the adaptable, game-changing and global leaders and citizens of the future, bearing their education and employability at the forefront.

Philanthropy plays a critical role in this, funding research that has the potential to have a truly global impact and supporting world-class teachers and academics to guarantee quality student experiences and graduate success.

How your contribution helps


1. Diversity in Economics

The School of Economics is working to increase the diversity of its student body to provide greater opportunities for all students to learn, grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Economics has the transformative power to improve health, financial and environmental systems. 

A diverse group of economists brings different viewpoints and experiences to the field. This diversity enriches economic research, policy formulation, and decision-making processes.

We want to ensure the best-qualified students can study economics by removing financial barriers to their participation. Through the creation of a Diversity in Economics scholarship, we hope to see a more diverse cohort of students from various backgrounds choosing to study Economics at UQ.

2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Economics Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is a needs-based fund that supports eligible Indigenous Australian undergraduate economics students with financial inequality as a barrier to education. 

Successful students receive $4000 in their first year of study, $2000 in their second and third year of study, and $2000 for their fourth year of study if the student continues for an Honours year. 

3. Women in Economics scholarships

This scholarship will open doors to more female students considering a career in economics, through offering financial support to help during their studies at UQ.

Economists shape policies that affect everyone, so by contributing to increasing gender diversity in the sector, it is hoped that this will ensure that policies consider the needs of all genders, situations and communities, promoting fairness and equity.

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Archibald Scholarship

One of the University’s oldest scholarships, the Archibald Scholarship has supported UQ’s best economics students in 1911. Recipients of this prestigious scholarship include the likes of Dr Vincent FitzGerald AO, Professor Ian Harper, Ms Karen Chester, and more, all of whom have made significant contributions in the field of Economics in Australia and globally.

It’s incredibly humbling to be among such fine company and exciting to think about some of the potential opportunities that lie ahead of me.

-  Ms Josephine Auer, Archibald Scholarship Recipient (Class of 2019).

A gift to the Archibald Scholarship will provide Queensland’s best and brightest Economics students with a real opportunity to fulfil their potential and leave an indelible mark on Australia.

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Dr Vince FotzgeraldA word from a donor

I was raised to believe that if someone does you a kindness, you have an obligation to repay that kindness.

Dr Vince FitzGerald AO, talking about his gift to the Archibald and the FitzGerald Scholarships

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