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Join with the oldest Law School in Queensland and support the cultivation of exceptional legal thinkers and leaders who use their discipline, ingenuity and initiative to change and enrich our society.

With your help, we can provide greater access to scholarships, improved student experiences through the UQ Pro Bono Centre and Mooting Program, and more opportunities for our researchers to help answer some of humanity’s enduring legal and ethical questions.

The T.C. Beirne School of Law has a long and proud tradition as the premier law school in Queensland, educating many of the State’s most senior and influential practitioners. Philanthropy plays a critical role in this, providing scholarships to financially disadvantaged or academically gifted students, funding the expansion of UQ’s award-wining Pro Bono Centre into regional, rural and remote areas of Queensland, and developing students’ skills through the Mooting Program.

A $5,000p.a. undergraduate scholarship can make the world of difference to a student balancing their education, work, and living away from home for the first time, allowing them to truly focus on their university experience.

$20,000 will fund UQ Law students and pro bono lawyers to travel to regional, rural or remote areas within Queensland to provide legal education, information and assistance to communities. Funds will encompass transport costs, staffing, accommodation, food and other associated costs.

Give to the UQ Pro Bono Centre

The University of Queensland’s award-winning Pro Bono Centre prepares law students to be compassionate, empathetic and highly skilled legal graduates.  With Pro Bono Centre support, law students work directly with vulnerable clients, engage in public interest legal research, and support access to justice initiatives – all under the careful guidance and supervision of legal academics and/or practitioners.  The benefits to students lie in the work experience, the professional networks formed, and the knowledge they are working ‘for the public good’.  

Donors to the UQ Pro Bono Centre fund innovative learning programs including the Health Advocacy Legal Clinic offered in partnership with LawRight and the Mater Hospital located within the Mater Young Adults Clinic, and the Culturally Competent Legal Clinic which places law students under supervision of an Indigenous solicitor in Logan to learn, through doing, how to best meet the legal needs of culturally diverse young people facing criminal charges.  Our work with refugee clients is also only possible with the support of our generous donors.  More than 80% of donor funds are expended directly on supervision for students doing face to face client work within community legal centres.

Give to UQ Pro Bono Centre

Give to the Mooting program

Professor Anthony Cassimatis and students talk about the UQ Law School Mooting Program (3m:18s, Vimeo)

You can support students to develop their research, written and advocacy skills and to build their confidence in public speaking.  Mooting is the presentation of legal and factual arguments against an opposing counsel and before a judge, tribunal member or arbitrator. It resembles the experience that a student can expect to have in a court, tribunal or in arbitral proceedings after qualifying as a lawyer.

Students involved in the mooting program benefit from a unique learning opportunity that encourages them to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves. Mooting can enhance a student’s employment opportunities as a legal professional, help to build confidence in public speaking, and assist in developing research and presentation skills. Your contribution to the Mooting Program helps our students meet the cost of travel to national and international competitions.

Give to Mooting

Give to the UQ Law Alumni Scholarship Fund

The UQLA Endowed Scholarship Fund has been established by members of the UQ Law Alumni Association to assist students studying, or wishing to study Law at UQ, but who are facing financial hardship. There are a number of these scholarships available annually.

Give to the UQLA Scholarship Fund


Impact of giving

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67 donors supported UQ law School in 2020

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92 law students received philanthropic support in 2020

Thank you for the Forgan Smith refurbishment

With the generous support of donations from alumni,  a historic refurbishment of the Forgan Smith Building was completed in 2017.  The refurbishment created new collaborative research spaces, independent study areas, and facilities for mobile technology and innovative learning for law students. 

Thanks to your support, the re-imagination of Forgan Smith will ensure future generations of UQ law students will continue to enjoy the highest quality and most relevant legal educational experience.

Hear current UQ Law students share their appreciation for the state-of-the-art facilities they now enjoy.

Forgan Smith Re-imagination: Celebrating the transformation of the UQ Law School (2m:46s, Vimeo)



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