Are you eligible?

Eligibility criteria are outlined in the following links. Please review your relevant section to establish if you are eligible for exchange. If you aren't sure, contact the International Mobility Coordinator. The requirements should be met by the end of the semester in which you apply to UQ Abroad.

Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students (coursework Masters)

International students (undergraduate and postgraduate)

Students with credit transfer


Other useful information

Foreign language requirements

Academic considerations

No, I'm not eligible

Keep studying and plan for your exchange by completing your compulsory courses and leaving your electives free to study on exchange.

Research the list of institutions recommended for your discipline for the one that best fits with your program and cultural interests.

Keep in mind there are scholarships available for Premier BEL Partner institutions.

If you are an LLB student, please ensure you meet the requirements outlined under academic considerations.  


Refer to the UQ Abroad website for further information.

Yes, I am eligible

If you meet eligibility requirements, find out what to do next and how to apply.

The next steps