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Get connected with other UQ Business, Economics and Law Alumni living in Singapore.

There is a vibrant community of UQ alumni living in Singapore, including a team of dedicated volunteer ambassadors who are eager to build the community and remain connected to UQ.  There are opportunities to connect with fellow alumni at events and through social media platforms, providing key industry contacts, mentors and employment opportunities from the wider business community.

Singapore Alumni Ambassadors


Suyin LeeSuyin Lee

Chair, Singapore Alumni Ambassador Council
Managing Director, Discova

UQ qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce 1989, MBA 2001

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Suyin’s area of specialty is within travel management and retailing, particularly start-up ventures and new market entry. She spearheaded Flight Centre Travel Group’s entry into China and Singapore and helped establish the Group’s travel businesses in these markets. Suyin is a Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

She has some wise words of wisdom for new graduates, “Be passionate about what you do, set realistic expectations and be prepared to work hard as all employers value a good work ethic. Don’t be afraid to take risks as your career is a journey, not a destination. Resilience and tenacity will get you far.”

Her favourite professor at UQ was Professor Victor Callan, whom she studied under as part of her MBA program.

Travel, walking/hiking and being in the company of friends and family is how Suyin enjoys her time away from work.

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Jeremy Chua Seng HwaSiobhan Cool

Financial Services Consultant, AIA Singapore Pte Ltd
UQ qualifications: Bachelor of Business Management 2013

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Jeremy started his career as a Regular Military Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, serving in various junior command and safety roles in the operational unit before moving into manpower policy between 2009 and 2018. In 2018, he made the transition into the Financial Services and Insurance industry focusing on holistic personal wealth management, including advice on personal estate planning and wealth distribution.

He specialises in Personal Financial Planning, Family Financial Portfolio and Risk Management, Wealth Management, Wealth Distribution, and Estate and Legacy Planning.

His advice to new graduates, “You miss 100% of the opportunities that you don't take so be brave and bold in making your decision-making when new opportunities arise. Stay connected and network widely.”

His career highlights include the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Qualifier 2019–2023, AIA High Net Worth and Prestige Club 2020–2023.

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Iris GohIris Goh

Management Trainee, MediaCorp Pte Ltd.
UQ qualifications:
Bachelor of Business Management (Honours) 2018

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MediaCorp Pte Ltd is the National Media Network in Singapore. Iris joined the company as a Management Trainee one year ago. Before that, she completed an internship in Product Innovation on beauty and wellness products with an eCommerce company while working on the academic journal publication that originated from her Honours thesis.

As a Management Trainee, Iris is exposed to different job functions every three to six months and holds a broader view of the company than most other employees. Job rotations allow Iris to get in touch with people from various levels and departments and tackle real-life problems for the business. Iris' experience in academic research has strengthened her analytical skills, which has proved advantageous when it comes to critical thinking and problem-solving.

Iris' areas of specialty are Business Management, Marketing, Quantitative Research, Data Analysis.

Her advice for new graduates is, "Stop comparing yourself to others. Not everyone has their careers sorted the moment they are out from the University. You are on your own path."

Iris has fond memories of her favourite Professor, Ravi Pappu. "He supervised me for my Honours thesis and played a crucial role in my learning experience at UQ. My favourite memory at UQ is the beautiful sight during the jacaranda season when we admired the purple blooms at every corner of the campus."

In her personal time, Iris enjoys cooking, indoor spinning, and listening to podcasts and audio books.

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Geoff HowieGeoff Howie

Director, SGX
UQ qualifications: 
Bachelor of Economics 1994, Master Economic Studies 1996

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Geoff Howie is currently a Director at SGX, with more than 20 years of experience in financial markets and economics. His areas of specialty include the global stock market, Federal Reserve history, Asia financial economics, equity capital markets and real estate investment trusts.

Geoff is the creator and author of the SGX My Gateway Report which highlights local market highlights and developments, serving investors since 2012. The report is one of the most read in the Singapore financial markets with one of the largest subscriber bases.

Geoff has led numerous content campaigns for SGX and is a leading market communicator to the investing public. He pens the weekly Inside Insights column in the Business Times, in addition to speaking with Money FM 89.3 every Friday for the Market View Roundup.

Prior to his role at SGX, Geoff held lead Broking and Market Strategist roles across the Asia Pacific offices of the world’s largest Futures and Options broker. He complemented his dealer profile with the provision of frequent market outlooks, educational events and media engagements. Geoff’s other notable merits include receiving two Hong Kong Securities Institute Outstanding Achievers awards for the 2005 year.

He has also served as the Treasury Adviser to the Leader of the Queensland Liberal Party in Queensland Parliament.

A career highlight for Geoff occurred when he was a global derivatives broker in Singapore in 2010. Geoff said, “I made a contra-call for yields of Japanese Government Bonds to spike higher on 6 Oct 2010 via the media (Bloomberg). The yields of the trillion-dollar market turned that day, rallied into the end of the year, and did not return to those 6 Oct lows for almost two years."

“Rather than a market highlight, I feel this was a career highlight as I was empowered in that broking role, and highly appreciative that so many of all the common traits we all look for in a job and our line manager were in place. The responses from global investors to that contra-call on the Japanese Government Bonds helped to augment the dealing desks’ competitive position even further.”

Geoff’s advice to economic graduates is, “Amongst all those lectures and tutorials, do remember what lessons stood out the most to you? Embed those lessons and develop your own philosophy on how they do or don’t apply to the world. The world needs much more inclusive economic growth, and the more ideas, interpretations and challenges to the status quo, the greater the scope in Australia’s products and services, which can drive trade and GDP.”

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Victoria KohVictoria Koh

Brand Marketing & Digital Specialist - RHB Bank Berhad
UQ qualifications: 
Bachelor of Business Management 2018

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Victoria Koh is a certified project manager and marketing professional with a diverse background in the creative realms of crypto, video games, and banking. Her career has been marked by significant achievements, and she has demonstrated expertise in various domains, including Project Management, Brand & Growth Marketing, and Data Analytics & Visualization.

She has a proven track record of planning and executing strategic marketing campaigns for high-profile game releases, notably contributing to the success of titles such as Borderlands, NBA 2K, and WWE 2K series.

Her role extends beyond traditional marketing, as she has spearheaded and successfully launched groundbreaking NFT projects. Notable among these are the VVSGotchi game, the Extraordinary Whale 8,888 NFT project, and Missions Rewards.

In terms of advice for recent graduates, Victoria emphasizes the importance of adaptability, persistence, and resilience. Rome wasn't built in a day: be adaptable, stay persistent and resilient, admit to and learn from mistakes, and celebrate the small victories along the way.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Victoria is likely to be found engaging in a variety of interests. She likes to spend her free time on video games, board games, rock climbing, and wakeboarding.

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Christine LowChristine Low

Director, Peter Low & Choo LLC
UQ qualifications: 
Bachelor of Laws 2011

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Christine is a Director, Advocate and Solicitor at Peter Low & Choo LLC and has been involved in the firm’s high-profile public interest litigation and criminal litigation. Christine also handles corporate and commercial advisory matters for private clients and companies. Christine joined Peter Low & Choo LLC in late 2011. Prior to 2011, Christine had been mentored by Peter Low while working as one of his Legal Executives since late 2006.

Professionally, Christine has served on the Council of the Law Society of Singapore since 2016. She has served in varying capacities on several sub-committees of the Law Society of Singapore, including the Young Lawyers’ sub-committee and Alternative Dispute Resolution sub-committee. Christine is currently Co-Chairperson of the Small Law Firms sub-committee.

Christine believes in giving back to the community and volunteers with various Community Legal Clinics. Christine has also been invited to conduct seminars on divorce and family matters for non-profit organisations.

Christine enjoys working with youths. From 2012 to 2014, Christine volunteered as a Panellist – and subsequently qualified as Senior Panellist – with the National Youth Council’s Young Change Makers Scheme (YCM), which allowed her the opportunity to work with, mentor and positively impact youths in their pursuit of projects that benefit the community.

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Jayne ReddieJayne Reddie

General Manager – Asia Sales, Discova
UQ qualifications: 
Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management 2002

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Jayne Reddie is a highly accomplished professional in the tourism, events, and hospitality industry, currently serving as the General Manager - Asia Sales for Discova. 

Jayne's journey began in the world of hotels and afterwards transitioned to Flight Centre, where she spent a remarkable decade in both Australia and the United States. During her time in the USA, Jayne's exceptional track record and keen eye for talent have allowed her to build and lead large teams, nurturing and promoting individuals with exceptional potential.

In May 2023, Jayne embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining Discova, a leading player in the industry. Assuming the role of General Manager - Asia Sales. She brings her extensive expertise in sustainability, consulting, team leadership, and startups. 

Jayne shared her favourite memory while at UQ as a—the grounds at the St Lucia campus. 

Her advice to new graduates is “Don’t stop studying”. 

Outside of her professional endeavours, Jayne is an avid practitioner of yoga, surfing, reading, and travelling.

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